Archer's H-E-B Challenge

About Archer's H-E-B Challenge

Archer Hadley challenges each of us bipeds to recognize how un-flat the world really is. Trade your feet for wheels and try to navigate your world from a wheelchair. We will provide the wheelchair and the transformative experience. You bring an open mind, and a willingness to try something amazing. We’re raising money and awareness and your donations make all the difference to our success.

Archer's Challenge is grateful to announce that H-E-B Tournament of Champions is our presenting sponsor. But H-E-B goes well beyond writing a check. H-E-B has requested 100 wheelchairs at 10 central Texas stores, greatly expanding it's participation from last year. On October 17th, employees at each store will get shopping lists. They will shop in wheelchairs with a shopping basket on their laps and go through checkout. H-E-B will generously donate the bought items to the Central Texas Food Bank. We expect 800 employees to participate. 

Registration is open to H-E-B employees only.