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About Archer's Downtown Austin Challenge

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Archer Hadley challenges each of us bipeds to recognize how un-
flat the world really is. Trade your feet for wheels and try to navigate
your world from a wheelchair. We will provide the wheelchair and the transformative experience. You bring an open mind, and a willingness to try something amazing. Together, we will raise awareness and funds.

One hundred people will join Archer Hadley and Mayor Steve Adler at the newly renovated Republic Square in downtown Austin at 8:00 a.m. Participants will be fitted for manual wheelchairs and then they will roll off to spend their day at work, or experience downtown Austin. All chairs will be returned by 1:00 p.m. Downtown businesses and organizations like WPEngine, GSD&M, Bank of America, City Hall, and many others will be represented. 

Canine Companions for Independence is one of the beneficiaries of this event. CCI enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. Archer's companion, Pepe, came from CCI.  Archer's Challenge will donate $50,000 to pay for one dog to be placed with one partner. A donation of $500 from you will provide up to 10 assistance dogs like Pepe with a year’s worth of training equipment and supplies. $250 can buy a year’s worth of the best nutrition for one dog in training. $100 will help an assistance dog to relax in its own comfy, cozy crate and bed after working hard in a training class. $50 will stock a puppy's toy box with plenty of exercise and play goodies.​

YMCA of Austin’s Camp Cypress is another beneficiary. Camp Cypress is a new day and overnight camp. It will welcome people of all incomes and abilities. A donation of $50,000 from Archer's Challenge will enable the construction of 2 fully accessible cabins. A single $500 donation from you would provide one canoe, providing lots of fun on the waters of Onion Creek. $200 will provide one set of bows and arrows for the archery range. $100 would support one garden bed in the Camper Learning Garden. $50 will provide a chicken for the livestock corral.

Archer's Challenge helps kids like Kaleb. During Hurricane Harvey, Kaleb lost his iPad, walker, gait trainer, nebulizer, feeding pole, suction machine and even his formula. He lost his bed, his toys, his clothes...everything. Kaleb Kindred is a very special 3-year-old toddler. Like Archer, he was born premature.  He has a cochlear implant to help him hear, a gastric tube to receive food, leg braces and a walker to help him stand, and an iPad to help him communicate. Archer’s Challenge will pay rent for six months for Kaleb and his parents to live in an apartment, buy a new walker so Kaleb can continue his therapy, and buy a new iPad so Kaleb can communicate with his family.

Thank you for your participation and donations.

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